Our school sports academy builds on skills from year to year. Students are introduced to sports from their Primary level. School imposes Physical Education classes throughout the year so that students can try out different sports and find out which activities they enjoy most. Depending on their age and abilities, students learn fundamental skills and rules that help them to achieve the greatness. The mission of our sports academy is to provide a comprehensive, diverse, wholesome and dynamic athletic programme.

Physical Education is an important cog in the wheel of the education. AJC English School, Kumbakonam offers the same importance to sports as given to academics.

At AJC English School, students are introduced to various games and sporting events which keeps them motivated and enthusiastic. Sports helps an individual to inculcate habits such as team spirit, leadership skills, self-motivation, team play and allows them to express themselves without any inhibitions which in turn helps them to reach the pinnacle of success in the future endeavours.

AJC has a magnificent sports field with athletic track and football field. Students have been given exposure to various games like, Volleyball ,Kho-Kho, Badminton etc., and are also trained in March Past and Mass Drill exercises.

Sports day is conducted every year in the school which provides a chance for the students to give their best and imbibes. They gain competitive spirit and perform to the fullest with great vigour.

The school has a spacious sports room which holds all the necessary sports equipment’s for indoor and outdoor sports and students are always welcome to make use of the facilities provided by the school during the physical education classes and in the break time.

Physical Education contributes significantly to the development of a fit and balance youth in all aspects of life. Students learn benefits of regular physical activity on the physical, emotional, mental and social well-being of an individual. Team games and activities develop the notions of fair play, respect for others, discipline and other personality traits. Our school has clearly gone beyond the defined limits, training the kids to be professional sportsman representing the honours of the school at inter-school competitions, district and state levels too. The school has skilfully blended the daily routine of the students with the core essence of sports ethics, be it yoga or routine exercises, to bring in an active beginning of the day.