THOMAS RAGLAND TROOP and NIGHTINGALE GUIDE COMPANY have been launched in 2015-16 under the guidance of the Bharat Scout, the Scout Movement, with the aim of creating a service spirit among our school children during the 2015-16 academic year. Our school students are being trained on discipline, cleanliness and service attitude. Since the students of today are fundamental to the future society, the movement is concerned with the welfare of the students.

Bharat Scout, Scout Movement and Guide: Students admissions and their grades gradually become more distinctive as per the instructions of the Bharatiya Sabha Scout Movement. Emphasis is placed on the service attitude of the students. PRATHAM SOPAN, DWITIYA SOPAN, TRITIYA SOPAN, RAJYAPURUSKAR are some examinations. Three students from Scout and Five students from Guide in our School have been successful in writing RAJYAPURUSKAR exams for the academic year 2018-19. They are preparing the same in the coming academic year.



Student Activities

Students join their assigned team and serve. Example: Looking after the arrangement of Prayer rows of students, to monitor and guide students during school breaks, helping children get the help they need, ensuring proper disposal of garbage at school, monitoring and maintaining proper drinking water and essential needs at school, growing and maintaining trees, plants in the school premises and advising the fellow students to keep the school environment clean.

It is all about keeping the surroundings clean, advising the students and engaging in appropriate activities. They instruct students to protect themselves from diseases and infections during times of need. They provide awareness to avoid plastic, Check the uniform of the student. Students have also participated in the skill training competitions held in the Eastern District of Kumbakonam Educational District. Students also actively participated in then World-wide JOTA-JOTY held on 19.10.2019 with enthusiasm.

Rally was held on 22-02-2020 globally to mark the birthday of the founder of Scout, the Scout operator, Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden Powell. Students participated in the district awareness campaigns such as Dengue awareness camp, clean India project awareness and flexibility awareness camp during the year 2018 and 2019. Scouts give special training every weekend for Yoga exercises, First Aid, Tree planting and self protection etc.