Beyond the classroom - exposing students to explore diverse range of interests and grooming the overall personality

AJC English School unleashes the creativity and makes them to explore the unexplored passion.

We provide structured extracurricular activities promoting physical, emotional, psychological, academic and social benefits.

We unfurl the child's mind to a variety of interests, building skills beyond the class rooms and provide social opportunities to expose and improvise them.

We inculcate pioneering by fostering strong team-building skills, promoting better time- management skills, strengthening mind & soul, maintaining patience & resilience during intense hardship.

Our curriculum is designed in holistic education centred on values and character development. It has a clear rationale to develop a balance of knowledge, understanding and to enhance their reasoning & critical thinking skills.

It provides learning experiences for our students to actively interact and bond with others. In doing so, they become aware that they are a part of the society. Through this, they learn to embrace diversity and collaborate with people from different backgrounds.

We aspire to bring out the best in our students so that they are empowered to live life to the fullest, contribute to their nation and care for their community and nation. We aim to enable our students to develop their interest to pursue their passions and fulfil their aspirations.