Separate accommodation is available for both boys and girls. Boarding facilities are comfortable and adequate. Tidy rooms and hygienic facilities make an ideal stay away from home ambience. The hostels also have a recreation hall and provision for a variety of indoor games for the students. The school allows students to meet with and form friendships across the year groups so that they can build a more integrated family structure. Therefore, it enhances students to take greater responsibility to look after others and their surroundings.

We know that the health of our students is of paramount importance. The mess facilities in the boarding are designed to meet their hygiene standards. Steam cookers and sterilised equipments are used to prepare wholesome healthy food for the benefit of students.

Strictly adhering to the norms laid by the board of authorities, AJC School's boarding facilities ensure,

  • Safety of its boarding students,
  • Strict monitoring of their behaviour,
  • Careful guidance by appointed boarding staff,
  • Healthy food and healthy mind,
  • Clean and decent accomodation,
  • Additional useful ways to spend weekends,
  • Clean habits and grooming to better individuals outside school.