Education is the prized possession any parent could gift to their loving children. Bestowing such precious asset upon beloved children through the right educational institution is the only choice of decision the children are grateful to their loving parents throughout the rest of their lives as they grow up to be individuals getting along with the society they dwell in.

Dear parent, undoubtedly, you have made the right decision as you land here in choosing AJC School as a life-time gift to your dear child (children). “In the end that was the choice you made, and it doesn't matter how hard it was to make it. It matters that you did”, says an American author, Cassandra Clare in her book, City of Glass. We welcome you for your choice, which is indeed certainly never a regrettable one!

To put in a nutshell, AJC School is been grooming children in and around this tinsel town of Kumbakonam with the motto, Love, Serve. Numerous good human beings have been raised up since 1986 under the eminent administration of a handful of educationalists hailing from different social cultures yet united with the vision to bring up children of this generation with true humanity and discipline. Undebatable is the fact that, these good humans have been an epitome of love and humanity in their respective places of profession over the years. Though we don't take pride in boasting the professions our alumni have been thriving in, it is worth mentioning that countless Doctors, Engineers, Entrepreneurs, Educationalists, Politicians, Teachers, Professors, Social workers, Musicians, Servants of God, NGOs, IT giants, IAS, IPS, Researchers and Scientists have been beget by AJC School who continue to carry the flame of love, serve combo in their professions.

The multitude of testimonials we receive each day has been the true fruit of service, sacrifice, commitment, dedication and labour, we as AJC School have collectively sowed. Assuring this love and service to multiply in years to come, we promise to ensure enlightenment to children in every perspective, coupled with incorporation of the recent technologies and trends in emerging online educational programs and methodologies. Looking forward, we ensure tie-up with renowned institutions and personalities of the social front to interact with children of our school at regular intervals to inculcate determination, courage and selflessness in their mind while still being a student at school. With ultimate cooperation from the parent circle coupled with undefinable divine counsel, we are able to stand where we now are. Together, we could reach much higher heights in educational, social, national and international fronts.