General Norms

  • Motivate your child to attend classes in the same spirit as he/she attends school.
  • Place the digital equipment in a convenient place where you can monitor screen activity, and ensure proper lighting and ventilation.
  • Check that the device is charged every day so classes are not interrupted.
  • Install firewall, antivirus software, etc., which is compatible with your device. If you identify a security and/or safety problem in the online learning platform, notify the Grievance Officer.
  • If possible, provide a laptop or desktop instead of smart phones.

Learning Environment

  • Turn off all televisions at home during study time and create a silent environment.
  • When online classes are in progress, ensure that there is no movement behind your child. It is advisable to make your child sit with his or her back to the wall. Movement behind the child distracts and disturbs your child, other children in the online class and, most importantly, your child's teacher.


  • Keep a watch on time spent by children on surfing the Internet or playing video games.
  • Track your ward’s progress in learning from time to time and send feedback to teachers at regular intervals (not during the session).
  • During the online class, monitor your child and ensure that he/she follows the school rules.

Health & Wellness

  • Make children drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of liquids, such as water, fruit juices, milk and buttermilk every day.
  • Provide healthy food rich in vitamins, such as drumstick leaves, spinach, broccoli, carrot, sweet potatoes.
  • Give them at least two fruits of the season to eat in a day.
  • Eat dinner together with your family and away from screens.
  • Spend quality time with your children.

Eye Care

  • Annual eye check-up is mandatory for your child.
  • Check your child’s screen time.
  • Do not enroll your ward for online tuitions or any other online courses. This will increase his or her screen time and weaken your child's eyes.

Ensure that they have a bedtime routine:

  • At the same time every day
    • KG - on or before 8:00 pm
    • Class 1 & 2 - on or before 8:30 pm
    • Class 3 to 5 – on or before 9:00 pm
    • Class 6 to 8 – on or before 9:30 pm
    • Class 9 to XII – on or before 10:00 pm
  • Do not allow children to watch TV or other screen gadgets at least one hour before bed time.
  • Make it a habit of reading with your child before going to bed.