1. A student must carry his/her Diary to school daily. All the students’ information should be completed and duly signed by the parents.
  2. Students should come to school on time. Late comers should report to the Teachers-on-duty on arrival.
  3. Students should be proud of their school uniform. They should be clean and neatly dressed. Boys should get their hair cut at regular intervals.
  4. It is not advisable to wear or bring expensive items or jewellery or valuable articles. Neither students are allowed to bring any sharp instruments to school.
  5. Attendance in the morning assembly is compulsory. Exemption from assembly will be granted on medical grounds only.
  6. This is expected from a child :
    1. They should observe polite manners wherever they go.
    2. They should greet their teachers wherever they meet them.
    3. It is expected that students should behave in manner which brings a worthy name to the school community.
    4. Bullying and use of foul language are punishable offences.
    5. They should not indulge in any anti-social activity in side, or outside the school
    6. The school is an extension of their home and students should respect school property. Any damage to the school property will be fined.
    7. House spirit should not miss any period in the school.
    8. Students should be respected by students.
    9. They are advised to keep their classroom and their campus as neat as possible and throw leftovers in the dustbins only.
    10. Absence from school before or during exams is not permissible.
  7. The Principal reserves the right to suspend / rusticate or take strict disciplinary action against a student who violates the school rules/indulges in any form of indiscipline or whose conduct is harmful to other students.
  8. Business/Monetary transaction in the school is not permitted.
  9. The school reserves the right to suspend or to take strict disciplinary action against a student whose diligence or progress in studies is constantly unsatisfactory, or whose conduct is harmful to other students.
  10. No student should indulge in any of the following practice, namely :
    1. Writing anything on the shirts, uniform or school property.
    2. Disfiguring or damaging the school property.
    3. Any form of gambling.
    4. Violent and rude behaviour
    5. Use of violence in any form.
    6. Castes, communalism or practice of untouchability.
    7. Bursting crackers or throwing colour on one another / or painting faces within the school premises.
  11. No student is permitted to bring a mobile phone to the school. Use of Mobile phone is prohibited within the school campus.
  12. Students indulging in aggressive or very violent behaviour should be dropped and picked up from the school by their parents. They will not be allowed to travel by school vans.
  13. Roll Nos. / Admit Cards of the students who do not follow the school rules or behave in an undisciplined manner may be withheld based on the Code of Conduct issued by the CBSE.
  14. No student should come to school in case he / she is ill or indisposed even if there is a test / exam / competitive event. In case the child comes to school, the school will not allow him / her to go back home after the test or during school hours as per the policy which should be respected and adhered to.
  15. Energy Conservation – Students should never leave the classroom without switching off the lights and fans.
  16. Polythene Free Zone – Students should never use the polybagsor polythenes; instead cloth bags or paper bags must be used.
  17. Students should never pluck flowers from the school garden, uprootor cause damage to any plants.