The school provides ample opportunities to sharpen the student’s intellectual skills paving the way for a holistic development as per the well-structured CBSE curriculum. Language proficiency is given chief importance as communication is a strong tool of expression. The students are instructed to communicate only in English inside the school campus. We ensure that students possess the knowledge of languages such as Hindi, Tamil and Arabic along with English. For learning to be effective, we adapt our teaching pace, approaches and assessment practices which are differentiated for gifted, talented and special needs.

We guide learners to activate prior knowledge and assimilate and accommodate new knowledge through exploration, research work and interaction. This allows them to build a strong foundation of knowledge by connecting new ideas and experiences with that they already know, thus facilitating the understanding of concepts and the application of what they have learnt to different contexts and beyond. We believe in developing thinking skills and disposition in our learners. We guide them to construct, interpret, and evaluate knowledge from different perspectives & integrated learning.

Our faculties are carefully selected with experience and dedication. The teachers support every student regardless of his/her academic level. Innovative curriculum has collaboratively designed by the Subject Experts and faculty members of AJC English School. The modules are well researched and mapped according to the present and futuristic needs of each and every learner, thus making him/her a part of hi-tech world and according to the future industrial needs.

The technology is embedded in the entire process of teaching, learning and assessment at AJC English School and that is what makes it a school of 21st century learners. It not just covers the scholastic part but also extends its scope beyond academics thus becoming a powerful catalyst for pedagogical change.

Play way method and activity-based learning is followed in KG and Primary classes. Worksheets were regularly made available in almost all the subjects to strengthen the retention of learning. To develop independent learning skill and to complement a particular field of study, assignments and projects are given so often. Focus is given to critical areas of learning to fulfil the multi-focused requirements.

We believe that learning takes place in caring and safe environments. We cultivate positive teacher - student and peer relationships so that there is a culture of care and mutual respect in our classrooms, where children learn to appreciate diversity collaboratively.