Pastor C.Gnanadas, the Messiah and Guiding Light of this Institute, guides the school with his wisdom and expertise. The school is presently headed by its founder and Correspondent, Pastor C.Gnanadas, who passionately pursues excellence where no stone is left unturned till the best is provided for our pupils.

Pastor C.Gnanadas founded this noble institution on faith, which has so far brought out eminent, talented and service-oriented Teachers, Engineers, Doctors, Managers and Entrepreneurs in every walk of life, possessing the balanced combination of academic excellence, exemplary character and ultimate embodiment of humanism. Being nurtured and moulded in the right perspective to serve the society which is imbibed from the Founder of this school, they unflinchingly serve their motherland and fellowmen towards helping to raise the quality of life to global standards along with putting up to be the apt role-model for the upcoming students.

The moment his mind was made up to begin educational institutions, hurdles and setbacks could neither deter his progress nor dampen his enthusiasm.  His strong dedication and unwavering devotion towards this crusade of empowering young children are contagious as they rub onto everyone who comes in touch with him.  May his tribute exponentially flourish!