AJC English School was founded with the noble vision to raise leaders of high academic calibre and unblemished character, nurtured with a strong motivation and committed to serve humanity. The institution is the fulfilment of the vision of its founder   Pastor C.Gnanadoss.

The warmth emanated from every corner of the classroom, the freedom experience on the playground, the respect given to other forms of life, an attractive aquarium and bird cage, a spacious playground adding to the liveliness of the environment is the scene you will witness at our school.

The School was established in June 1985 by the Assembly of Jesus Christ Society with strength of 45 students and 8 teachers from LKG to VI std. 

The School has been affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. The first batch consists of eight students appeared for the All India Secondary School Examination in March 1991 and successfully secured 100% result.  The second and subsequent batches have appeared for the same examinations keeping its 100% result.

Established with an aim to provide an opportunity for academic excellence, physical growth of the students, the wholesome personality development, character building, interpersonal rapport building and training the youths to cultivate in the child an indomitable spirit for the perfect perception to explore objectively, hard work and prosper from ordinary successes to inspired achievements.  As a result they can face the challenges of life.

The School is a symbol of unity in diversity.  The learning space provides equal opportunities for the learners, hailing from a section of society irrespective of caste and creed, fastening analytical/ scientific attitude and an open-minded democratic outlook towards the issue of social, environmental, ethical and national significance.  We believe in personal interaction between the student and teacher.

A LOVE OF TECHNOLOGY CAN TAKE YOU FAR -    It’s our strong belief that computer literacy should be part of our educational systems core curriculum.

AJC develops the passion for learning, desire to know, builds self confidence and lays the foundation for better future. We firmly believe that the whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows, in which we train and educate them to irrigate deserts.

We train the young minds to think subjectively and objectively. We strive hard to construct hope and confidence among the student community. In the realm of life, our school students are motivated and trained to pursue their dreams. Enormous emphasis and focus is given to the quality of education.

Our school students are molded to be a human of values comprising honesty, integrity, faith, love and loyalty. We work with the sense of commitment, dedication and determination. Enormous emphasis is given to the wholesome and holistic development of students.